News: Overnight Macbeth? Tonight at an undisclosed location

Rift – Macbeth

#Tweeting it – the premise in 140 characters – An audience immersed into Shakespeare’s classic for a full 12 hours in a secret location? Anything could happen


“OVERNIGHT MACBETH?” This is the reaction I have had from nearly everyone when I have told them about this new ground-breaking production of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays by RIFT.
We will be immersed, for 13 and a half hours, in a disused tower block somewhere in east London – I, as yet, do not know exactly where I am bedding down tonight.
This undisclosed location will play host to this “visceral experience” where we, the participants, will feast with the Macbeths, meet the witches in an underground car park and sleep (for at least some of the evening) on the 27th floor.

Writers and Directors Felix Mortimer and Joshua Nawras are known for their remarkable productions such as O Brave New World and a one-to-one retelling of Kafka’s The Trial which was told across four locations.

A little bit of me is scared about the prospect of a 12 hour performance, what on earth kind of state will I be in tomorrow? But it is also very exciting; will I be confided in about a plot to kill someone, will Lady Macbeth befriend me before going crazy or will I be woken in a strange location by the ghost of Banquo? However, the idea of waking up to the London skyline and having breakfast while discovering whether the battle has been lost or won something which I am very much looking forward to.
A review will follow (although, I may be in a dazed state in the morning so I can’t guarantee how clear it’ll be….the website says you will leave questioning ideas of space and status; dystopia and utopia; waking and sleeping so along with the sleep deprivation – even though you do have time to sleep, I can’t see that it will be good sleep – my review could be …interesting)

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