Upcoming Shows – How To Solve A Problem Like Murder? by Uncorked Theatre at Paradise by Way of Kensall Green #whowantstoplay

#Tweetingit – My 1st masked ball & I’ll be solving a murder. Uncorked Theatre promise a night of intrigue and discovery #whowantstoplay

If you`ve read my previous blogs, youll know I love immersive theatre, so I was excited to see this new show is ready for its grand unveiling following Uncorked Theatre gaining residence at Paradise By Way of Kensal Green.

Uncorked Theatre are London’s newest immersive theatre company and managed to get this production off the ground via a Kickstarter campaign last year and from the sounds of things, those who backed it, will not be disappointed.

how to solve.jpg

Set in the Paradise Bar, sultry jazz can be heard above the hubub of the crowd at the Hotel’s masquerade ball, but someone is not going to end the night the way they hoped…but who will face that fateful shot? And who did it?

As part of the masked audience, I have been told to expect a journey of seduction, deciet and vulnerability where the masks we will be wearing, mask any sins or secrets we may have.

Having received my personal invite, I am preparing myself to quesiton everything I see, and hoping that we find the murderer before I become the next victim.

Who wants to just sit and watch their entertainment? Get in there and be part off it!

Reviewing on 10th March 2016 at 7pm

Running from 3rd March – April 28th
Tickets from 19.50
Twitter – @uncorkedtheatre
Facebook – Search UnCorked Theatre

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