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#Tweetingit – Whats it like to be a 14 year old girl?  Izzy Tennyson promises to explore just this in the humerous and compulsively watchable Brute

Being a girl sucks at times. Being a teenage girl REALLY sucks. Alongside the obvious stuff that being a teenager brings, you have to deal with the schoolyard pettiness, the fallouts, the mind games and the dreaded school discos – being left out of the “Best Friends” necklace swapping brigade, those same best friends necklaces being thrown away after a fight, the popular girls deciding you arent quite thin/blonde/smart/wealthy/fun/gosspiy enough to be in their group, and then one of them purposefully dancing with the boy you like at the lunchtime disco…girls are horrible!! 14 year old girls in particular are really horrible – I was one once and I am pretty sure I wouldnt like her now!

Izzy Tennyson’s Brute promises to look at all this and more, focussing in on one particulary twisted school girl, in this piece of exciting new writing, based on a true story. Exploring the memories of the protagonist and her intensley strong relationships with her female friends that as they escalate to fallouts and violence, this play certainly sounds like it would spark a few memories from any female in the audiece. I dont know, however, if the men (who dont have teenage daughters) in the audience will find it englihtening or completely baffling. Either way, its succesful run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and reports that Tennyson’s writing is dynamic, will make you snort with laughter and gasp in horror, make me think that this is something most certainly worth a watch.
We will see what the male reviewer makes of it…
Performaning at Soho Theatre on 15th, 17th and 19th March at Soho Theatre
Website –
@izzytennyson @sohottheatre #Brute

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