Playhouse Pickings’ Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club @william_kimber

Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club 

#Tweetingit – A 1920s immersive evening? Will I get out alive or end up a ganster’s moll? I’ll don my flapper dress & head to The Tick Tack Club to find out


The Roaring Twenties were cool, there’s no two ways about it. It was the decade that brought us the flapper, art deco, dance clubs and the Jazz Boom. And, if we wanted to take a peep into the seedier underbelly of New York or London, the rise of Al Capone and men sewing razor blades into the peaks of their hats. The Tick Tack Club lets you step back in time and have a taste of all these things. Situated under a bridge in an undisclosed location (like a hipster troll) the club is split over two levels; the upper level promises the visitor a night of Great Gatsby-esqe partying with a decadent five course menu based off the food of Georges Auguste Escoffier. Guests are encouraged to sample the cocktails, listen to the live jazz and dance the night away with the rest of the “fine young things”. If your tastes run a little darker then downstairs is the place you will want to be. Entering through yet another hidden door you descend into the murky gambling den of the Elephant Boys gang where you’ll join some more nefarious types in a singsong round the Old Joanna, traditional pie and mash and maybe even make some ill-advised bets on the ponies.


The night is rounded off by some potentially interesting characters, you might have your fortune told by the prophetess Esme, and if you’re really lucky you might even be “stood up” as a full member of the gang. Personally, spending the night in a Peaky Blinders inspired secret dance club sounds like the best thing that South London can offer, but I do have a few concerns. Will American style art deco fine dining mesh with old school cockney knees up? Once you’re thoroughly involved with one level of the TickTack Club, will there be any impetus to go and experience the other parts? As with all immersive experiences, will my enjoyment depend on the level of commitment from the people around me? And most importantly will I come home short a few fingers due to an unfortunate hat based incident? Of course, the only way to find out is to attend and you’d be a fool to let any lingering concerns put you off because one things for certain, the TickTack Club has the potential to be cool – cool as a Cillian Murphy smile.

Reviewing on 18th March 2016

From Friday 4 March 2016 until 4 June 2016

19:00 – 02:00 (doors at 19:00)

Tickets from £15

Twitter: @William_Kimber

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