Review 5***** Life’s a Drag – The Cellar Door @TopsieRedfern @cellardoorzeroa

#Tweetingit – If you like a drag show – you will absolutely love this – you’ll leave smiling, probably a bit tipsy, and desperate to go back.


Let’s face it, this is a 5* review because I love drag acts. I am not going to pretend that if you aren’t a fan of this sort of show that you will enjoy it quite as much but I would still urge you to go along and just give it a try. Topsie Redfern puts on a great show but isn’t like many other drag acts I have seen. She isn’t caustic, or cruel – she picks on people just enough, getting them involved with a sing along, encouraging them to have a bit of a dance, getting them up to serenade them or to recency the diet coke advert.

drag 5
Hosted at The Cellar Door, a tiny bar – maybe just enough to swing a chinchilla or small ferret – in an underground space of what was previously a public toilet, this is an intimate gig. To my mind, that makes it even better; you get to know those around you (I was lucky enough to be sat with Kai Hoffman, a fabulous Jazz singer whose birthday it was and who treated us to a rendition of Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend”) and you feel like you’re part of the show. The bar has some mazing cocktails (my favourites being Never Trust a Flamingo and Gingerbread Ladyboy) bubbles and snuff, all of which will keep the fun flowing! *

I think my favourite moment of the night was Topsie singing A Whole New World in a “solo duet”! Both her Disney Princess and Prince voices were wonderful. I’d like to make a suggestion for her next solo duet ; a touch of Les Mis – A Heart Full of Love perhaps or, for a little bit of extra confusion, One Day More?
Topsie is funny, flirty, accommodating, has a stunning voice (I cannot stress this enough), has a good balance between comedy songs and good quality renditions of her favourites, and all of this is lubricated with just the right level of smut. She works the room, chats to everyone in between sets, drinks with you, eats with you and, if asked (as I did) will give hair styling tips! I had a fabulous evening and will certainly be going back to watch Topsie Redfern again!


* I was pretty pleased I had started my evening at Smollensky’s just down the road, lining my stomach with a rather tasty pulled pork burger #packagenightout

Drag Mondays – Every Monday Night with different acts each week.

For information, see
@TopsieRedfern or follow her on Facebook.

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