Review: 4**** Hotel Black Cat @LdnWonderground @cabaretblackcat

We went to see Hotel Black Cat on 24 June 2016.  It was possibly not the best day for leaving the house – both of us were feeling decidedly dejected, not to mention sleep deprived, having watched the results of the referendum roll in all nigBCC-Salon-800px-e1456855727184.jpght long.

 I walked into the show feeling heavy hearted, like nothing could cheer me up, and was happy to be proven wrong this time.

It was gloriously fun – the perfect antidote to the previous 24 hours!

The premise is simple, a cabaret evening with a loose storyline – of attracting investors to the hotel – woven around the acts to create a cohesive show.  Like Mamma Mia, except very much not like Mamma Mia as it made sense and was entertaining!

Our host, the manager of the hotel, started the show with a musical introduction, peppered with topical, irreverent jokes and some gentle mocking of the audience.  It set the tone of the show perfectly and introduced us to the performers who wCmIKRbaWAAAssjeould entertain us for the evening.  Performers from all over Europe (a concept he hopes might catch on again).  He popped up again and again between acts, weaving his story around the spectacles we saw.

As with most cabaret shows you’ll see at the Wonderground we had the burlesque dancer, the juggler, the comedy acrobatics, the dancers, the feats of strength, the sword swallowing and the fire breathing, but we weren’t bored as each seemed fresh, exciting and most of all fun.

The stand out act for me, and worth the ticket price alone, was the performance by the string quartet.  CmWNQwkW8AA8V_tA comedic mash up of dance, classical and contemporary music which was both the visual and aural spectacle.  Huge kudos to the cello player – I have never seen anyone
dance whilst carrying and playing a cello before.  We were enthralled and amused in equal measure, and as veterans of cabaret at the Wonderground, hugely impressed to see something completely new!

Whilst I didn’t necessarily enjoy all the acts (I’m a bit squeamish with sword swallowing or equivalents), I did thoroughly enjoy the evening.  Definitely one to see.

Reviewer: Hannah Tillyer

Hotel Black Cat is at the London Wonderground every Friday until 29th August.  Tickets from £22.50

Tickets available at

More information on Hotrl Black Cat at


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