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#Tweetingit – 4**** This show is crazy, raucous, bloody brilliant and bound to leave you with a mental scar or two – JUST GO!
The theatre – traditional high culture, a sophisticated night out – sit back relax and enjoy a lovely play, the obvious narrative it provides and some solid acting….

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Or not, not if Miss Behave has anything to do with it, but who wants to just sit back and watch anyway?
Last Monday night, I saw things I never thought I would experience in public. This might be the hardest review to I have written as explaining/putting into words what occured, is blooming tough. I have tried telling my friends what happened, and it doesn’t really do it justice. But here goes….

Miss Behave’s Gameshow is a one woman (and helpers) gameshow, which takes a comedic look at the way in which we communicate and interact, while making comments on politics and social standing. Audience members are encouraged – nay screamed at – until they join in.

On arrival, we are separated into Iphones and everyone else; forget who you came with, this is about your allegiances to your device! We quickly learn what we are in for. The stage is haphazardly scattered with “prizes” hashtags, signs and phone numbers.missbehave2

Two male glamourous assistants in hot pant, with Pokémon and rabbit backpacks, potter around the stage prepping the show. Our gold spangled mischievous host encourages the purchasing of more drinks and begins throwing sweets into the audience.
A quick description of the horrible things going on around the world, followed by The Rules – “life’s not fair” and “don’t ask, don’t get” – and then the games commence. The audience quickly get the idea, asking if they can have a point – why of course!
The games include being the first person to take a selfie with Miss Behave – cue 20 people running on stage followed by an array of dodgy pictures being sent to the show’s phone number Candy crush – one WP_20160725_20_09_46_Proaudience member quick of the mark pounding a bag of sweets on stage to death. Shazam that intro. And social monopoly where we admit all sorts of things we wouldn’t usually to our best friends let alone a group of strangers.
Alongside that which was going on on stage, was Harriet who, alongside helping Miss Behave set up the stage, was also in charge of the show’s mobile phone to which the audience did a good job of sending filthy texts and photos. Since these were displayed real time, above the stage, as Harriet read them, there was no filtering out what might be seen. Surprisingly, Harriet was took the nude picture of himself appearing on the big screen, in his stride.
Obviously there were a few people who are slightly more forward, and willing to go up to the stage uninvited to perform a black flip, lick pomegranate molasses off of Harriet following his interpretive dance about politics, or during the “do-anything-for-a-point” round, runing up to the stage to whip out their boobs.
Seriously, Miss Behave must be some sort of (very rude) saint. How she puts up with all those drunk people pawing, kissing and yelling at her, I have no idea. But this Olivier Award winning star, takes it all in her stride, knocking the audience members who take it a step too far down a peg or two and punishing them by taking away points, (this clearly turns their team members against them and makes sure they don’t go overboard again).

The person I took with me (perhaps this was a mistake – I took a colleague) spent a lot of time looking confused and commented later that they’d never felt so out of touch. By the second half it was fine – a bit more alcohol being consumed probably helped. 150828_miss_behaves_gameshow_web_0The comments my colleague made the following day, alongside enjoying it, mainly focused on the level of political humour/satire not being quite high brow enough; we were encouraged to boo and hiss at Trump and rip up Blair masks.

I guess there could’ve been more commentary on the world around us, on the other hand, my view is, why go high brow? It wasn’t all dick and fart jokes and had, in my opinion, just the right level of satire in it considering how much alcohol was being consumed and the crowd who were there; a group of liberal, remain voting Londoners. We all know we think the same thing and have the same opinions, we all know the world is more than a bit rubbish at the moment and we all want some fun – why push the point when there’s boobs to flash, drinks to be imbibed, chairs to be danced on and candy to crush?

Admittedly, some people will hate this show, maybe they will sit bemused, looking around at their co-audience members misbehaving and think “What on earth is this?” but for me, it was great. maxresdefaultI’d like to think that the people who would frown upon the bad behavior, lack of order and madness of it all would have the good sense to stay away, and therefore my star rating reflects what I expect anyone who is even vaguely like me (and I feel I was a tame one in the audience) might think.

Dancing on chairs, whooping, screaming, doing the unthinkable and talking to other Londoners around me, downing a pint on stage, and sending inappropriate texts to Harriet were all things I did and this wasn’t even the half of what occurred. The audience makes this show; Miss Behave needs you to go, join in and throw caution to the wind. You might be able press the “skip ad” button during the show, but there is no option to use a ‘skip precipitation’ button.
So, embrace your inner millennial (and expect to embrace far more than that when you’re there) and get down to London Wonderground to experience this fabulous night out. But do try to remember it isn’t a Friday night; this reviewer had to drag her butt out of bed and get to work still with the images of Harriet’s jockstrapped ass, the failure to win the down a pint competition, and other women’s tits, firmly burned into her mind.
MissBehave’s Gameshow is on selected Monday’s until 19th September.
Tickets can be found at

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