Upcoming shows: Thom Foole’s Houseparty, The Old Queens Head @itsunknownuk @thomfooles

A couple of months ago I attended the Its Unknown launch party in London. It’s Unknown are  experts at creating bizarre but amazingly fun evenings based on something you kind of recognise, jazzed up a bit. DANIEL_SIMONSEN_TFHP-optimised

For over a decade Jonny Unknown & the team have been creating some of London’s most innovative nights out.  Their aim – to take people just far enough out of their comfort zone that they wholly engage and leave with a lasting impression of an extra-special occasion.

At the launch party, after quite a few drinks, I got to experienced  MUSICALBINGO and GOSPELOKE – Musical Bingo consists of regular bingo, but instead of shouting out numbers siongs are playeds ongs!maxresdefault Each round takes on a different theme of song choices, these could be based on either a decade, genre or a just a random quirky topic. The audience are then encouraged to dance and join in with this cabaret style bingo before winning  typical bingo prizes – hand whisk anyone?

And Gospeloke – is exactly what it sounds like – Karaoke, with a gospel choir!

I am working my way through all of their events and being ticked off this week is THOM FOOLE’S HOUSE PARTY . Promised are clowning, comedy, storytelling, mischief and  party games! What more could we want to deal with the midweek blues?  1510653_957196584323089_8619200879321212964_nPreviously described as “TGI Fridays meets Live At The Apollo via Little Britain” – following this quote it says  that if you think about all these things mixed together, you’ll have some idea what to expect – I am not sure I do….but I am sure it’s going to be fun.

This month’s line up includes:

Special guest, Daniel Simonsen – star of Vic and Bob’s House of Fool’s

Host, Oh Standfast – “The next generation of offbeat comedy gold”

“Shouty and riddiculous”, Hurt and Anderson

The UK’s premier acoustic metal comedy duo, ShitstorM

With more TBA!

So, have a look at their website and get online to buy tickets to what has promised will be the next phenomena!

This event is on 4th August at 8pm at The Old Queen’s Head, 44 Essex Road, Angel, London, N1 8LN

Tickets can be found at:

For more information ont eh other events Its Unknown do, click the links below.



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