Review: 4**** Aladdin at The Prince Edwards Theatre @AladdinLondon

4* Aladdin The Musical-  A Brilliant Night Of Entertainment

 Disney’s Aladdin has certainly made an impressionable debut on British soil!images (1) Featuring all of the main songs from the Academy Award-winning classic film, this shining spectacle is a good take on the much-loved Disney film.

 Although perhaps not the intention, elements of Panto were visible throughout and were particularly heightened by the Genie’s over powering persona. Whilst I’m impartial to a bit of Panto, there were moments where I did question the direction the show was headed.

 Once it all got going, it was evident that the Genie was the star of the show. Incredibly talented, with an ability to belt out a range of notes, Trevor Dion Nicholas had us all in anticipation. Whether or not his role was intended to be the ‘star role’ however, is up for contention.

Dean John Wilson plays the role of Aladdin, having previously appeared onimages Britain’s Got Talent back in 2008.  ‘Proud of Your Boy’ was particular highlight of the show, sung with such ease and passion from Dean. Although I was disappointed by not being able to see ex –Sugababe, Jade Ewen, play the role of Jasmine, her understudy, Laura Chia, certainly did the role justice. Other characters included the infamous baddies ‘Jafar’ and ‘Iago’, whose appearance and make up alone brought that comedy factor. Aladdin’s three best friends were also memorable characters, giving a pitch perfect and noticeably lengthy performance.

 There’s no faulting the set design and costume, which consisted of over 350 breath-taking pieces.  The use of colour was simply outstanding- flashes of reds and hints of gold. The choreography was also well polished, engaging and dynamic, albeit a few technical blips (but that’s show business for you!).

One of the best scenes from a set design point of view, was the scene of the ‘magic carpet’. Suspended in the air among a skyline of twinkling stars, Jasmine and Aladdin performed a _89978616_aladdingeniebeautiful rendition of ‘A Whole New World’. Whilst visually impressive, the vocals on the scene didn’t necessarily deliver what I thought it would.  Although brilliantly sung, I was still waiting for that ‘wow moment’.

A first impression is always the most important and whilst the overall entertainment factor was 4*,  the show did begin with a slow start.

Overall, I would recommend booking a ticket- but only if you don’t mind a bit of Panto!

Reveiwer: Amy Penn

Director and choreographer – Casey Nicholaw

Music – Alan Menken

Lyrics – Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and Chad Begulin

Booking until 1 February 2017

More information can be found at:

(This was not a press night – and was a review done as a result of choosing to attend rather than being invited)

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