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#Tweetingit – 5***** Naked men cavorting around the stage thrusting and gyrating + filthy jokes – alright then!

This is the fourth time around for this Briefs show – although you would never know it. The boys bring back their own particular brand of male burlesque to the UK. briefs_webWonder Ground on the South Bank is the perfect home for the, back flipping, groin thrusting, eye watering anarchy, for which this troupe is known.

Whilst waiting for the action to begin with hip hop thundering through the circus tent and red lights on the suitable named ‘thrust’ staging the feeling of excitement and anticipation in the crowd is palpable. It is clear from these awaiting fans that they’re all in on the joke and know exactly what’s coming. Everything starts with a fantastic feather fan piece to INXS, the dancing is on point and the clothes soon start disappearing, which set the tone for the evening.


Shivannah our host for the evening is hilarious, a statuesque Australian who keeps everything moving at a break neck speed in a variety of fabulous outfits, Beyoncé being my favourite! Her cutting one liners have the audience in stitches, a performer who has you crying with laughter at a raised eyebrow.

A succession of wild, wonderful and over sexed wierdos strut their stuff with mesmerising skill and irresistible confidence. The aerial work was breath taking with my heart in my mouth numerous times. The psychotic nymphomaniac ‘Evil Hate Monkey’ takes audience participation to a very participatory level! A hola hoop routine had me expectantly enthralled with stage presence from ‘Captain Kid’ that had me glued to every move.

The S&M dog show was a particular highlight with moments of hilarity and utter disgust showcasing phenomenal acrobatic prowess. briefs-5The tone of the show is one that feel almost impossible to achieve, outrageous, hilarious, and sexy, with the performers who were very much in control, not just to be gawped at. Things shift down a gear with an emotive and sensitive aerial silk routine from Tom Worrell providing an unexpected gem.

It was genuinely refreshing to see a show so self-assured and keen to invite you to its naughty little underworld including suppling you with a catch phrase and inviting you to take part in a raffle with a prize that not for the faint hearted.

This rollercoaster ride concludes with an astounding take on the burlesque Martini glass set piece.xbriefs7aug2015300wby247h-jpg-pagespeed-ic-fidyouaqgo As I am informed by the handsome man next to me ‘You might want to move your notepad, it’s going to get wet’ and he wasn’t wrong!

If you don’t like naked men cavorting around the stage thrusting and gyrating making the dirtiest jokes and having the most fun imaginable this is not the show for you. But, if you are looking for male burlesque I genuinely don’t know what else you could possibly want!

Booking until 22 September

Reviewer: Kate McLeod


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