Review: 2** Véronic Voices – London Hippodome @veronicdicaire @HippodromeLDN

#Tweeingit – Véronic voice is something worth going to hear but the show itself, falls slightly flat.

I went into this show with mixed feelings. I have seen a number of people doing impersonations of singers, and I usually just watch the one song – perhaps one song with many impersonations within it. imagesSo I didn’t really know how a 2 hour show would work or how it wouldn’t get samey or dull. Sadly, my mixed feelings were mostly validated within the first half an hour or so.

Véronic Dicaire is a Canadian protege of Celine Dion, and you can really see why; she has a seriously good voice. The notes she hits reaches and the spot on vocals are something to be more than praised but unfortunately, the majority of the impersonations lacked something, and the show itself did not bring the comedy, choreography or party vibe that one might hope for at such a show.

Now, this isn’t to say that her voice isn’t amazing or that some of the impressions weren’t spot on; Véronic’s Celine, Annie Lennox, Sia and Norah Jones were pretty incredible;  anyone with a slightly breathier voice and in the lower ranges, she portrayed excellently. When it came to some of the others, however, she missed the mark somewhat. Often, the only way we could tell who it was was by the projections behind her of the artist’s faces, the famous song she was singing or a very scripted introduction to explain who was next.Taylor Swift, Kylie, Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys, in particular, were way off.  Although, to be fair, perhaps the ones that she was excellent at, were so good that the impressions which didn’t quite nail it, were more obvious…

I can see that this could be a fun hen night/girl’s night out and I have seen many TripAdvisor reviews where audience members have really enjoyed the show, but it didn’t quite hit the nail on the head for me. Perhaps some better choreography, some comedy or something similar to that of Jimmy Kimmel’s Wheel of Musical Impersonations – where guests sing random songs in the style of a famous person – would help gel the whole thing a little better.

It is a shame because her voice is truly fantastic and I would like to have actually heard a little more of that too, or just more of those people she is truly excellent at impersonating.

The show was pitch perfect and for that reason I would give Veronic 4**** for her voice but, without dancers, comedy and better choreography, the hour and a half it took up, felt a little long  when Star in their Eyes was on tv, it was shorter than that and served just as well as this did. I understand that in Las Vegas and other bigger venues there is more of a production and perhaps this would’ve made all the difference?

Much better suited as a shorter piece in a broader cabaret/variety production, Véronic Voices could be a fun night out after a cocktail or 5 but, for me, it fell a little flat.
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