Review: 3*** Dollywould at The Marlowe, Canterbury @shittheatre ‏#dollywould

It’s here!!! – Mothersole and Biscuit’s “MAIN CROSSOVER HIT”!!

Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit steer away from their normal influences of modern-day social issues and instead embark on a quirky exploration of their love of all things Dolly…and not just Parton. 3346

Through a combination of acapella, interesting set/costume design, and a bottle of Rose (or two) the duo takes the audience on a bizarre whistle-stop tour of their Dolly obsession.

Loosely impersonating the famous sheep with strange wigs and their mammories (the pair purposefully avoid the word breasts) exposed they express their love of the other famous Dolly by singing early interviews, embracing the brand that is Dolly Parton and the obsession surrounding her image whilst also touching upon her often questioned sexuality.

Divulging details of their Dolly pilgrimage to Tennessee, a trip that brought them back together after experiencing creative difficulties gives some structure and meaning to the performance which at points is a little hard to follow. 5760 There definitely is a deeper message to be found, should you wish to get something more from this show – body image and perception, how the cloning of Dolly the Sheep is perhaps not too dissimilar to the cloning of the brand and image of Dolly Parton, and also mortality/immortality (aided by an informative introduction of the Death Farm next to Dollywood) I learnt some interesting facts about human body decomposition!

Two friends having a blast through a shared love of Dollys…Confusing at points but entertaining nonetheless!

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