Review: 3*** The Winslow Boys The Marlowe Canterbury @marlowetheatre

Just how much are we willing to invest in the pursuit of the truth and justice and can one ever win against the establishment? The Winslow family are tested in every way in their journey to prove Ronnie’s (Misha Butler) innocence.Aden-Gillet-as-Arthur-Winslow-and-Misha-Butler-as-Ronnie-Winslow-c-Alastair-Muir-e1519386494479

Expelled from Naval College, aged 13, for Monetary Theft, Ronnie returns to the family home in trepidation. Scared to tell his Father, Ronnie confides in his Sister Kate (Dorothea Myer-Bennett) about his recent expulsion.

All the while protesting his innocence, Kate has no choice but to inform their Father. A long legal battle ensues, a Fathers fight to clear his son’s name. Many sacrifices are made by the Winslow family, a family used to certain privileges but it’s not just the monetary sacrifices that take their toll.

Arthur Winslow (Aden Gillet), who’s performance is impressive, has deteriorating health but his focus remains on proving his youngest sons innocence. A journey, that despite little in the way of media coverage compared to current times, gathers momentum and captures tey hearts of the nation. The feel-good factor resonates throughout the relatable performance. I was intrigued by this story, one based on true events, and it didn’t disappoint.

Director – Rachel Kavanaugh

The show has now stopped touring

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