Review: 2** Soap at Underbelly @UnderbellyFest #soap

#Tweetingit – 2** promised to make us wet with excitement. Left us damp and disappointed. 

The programme promised a lot.  A unique combination of world-class acrobatics, comedy and live opera performed in, on and around bathtubs.  Quite a bold claim to make, and whilst technically not wrong this just didn’t add up to an entertaining show.Soap_1000x640_800x600.png

There were bathtubs, though goodness knows why. There were world-class acrobats performing impressive feats of strength, balance and grace – and doing so with wet hands and feet so extra points to them.  There was a woman acting like a particularly dim-witted child, I believe this passes for comedy these days.  There was a singer with an excellent voice singing cringingly unsophisticated bathtime-based lyrics to well-known classics.  There was lots and lots of splashing, and rather too much spitting for my liking.  It did exactly what it promised, but it was boring.

I spent much of the performance wondering whether these circus shows have had their day.  This one has been touring worldwide since its inception in 2007 and whilst it was my first visit to Soap I had seen every one of the acts performed elsewhere.  Not performed better, but there was nothing new and exciting in this show.  Unless you count spitting mouthfuls of water at each other, and sometimes the audience, exciting.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds it revolting.

Soap is playing until 17 June

Tickets from £26.50



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