Review 3*** Romance Romance @abovethestag

Tweeting it: Bawdy Victorian Music Hall entertainment in the 21st century. Not for those who seek subtlety in their innuendo 3***

I didn’t expect to feel like I was at the panto when I went along to Above The Stag Theatre to see their musical Romance Romance in March, but that’s exactly where my brain went. I soon realised that it was slightly unfair to do so as the music far exceeded anything you’d find at a pantomime. Thank goodness.

And the music was glorious. Not particularly complicated or sophisticated but the melodies were catchy and the lyrics well written and beautifully delivered. This, along with the subtle-as-a-sledgehammer innuendo brought me to the Victorian Music Hall.

The two acts of the musical are two separate stories, both taken from stories found by the writer at a bookstore in East Hampton. He and the composer wrote musicals based on these two stories tying them together through their underlying themes of falling in love. The stories themselves are glorious, if a little simple, and translate well to the stage.

Originally performed on Broadway and given a new lease of life by producing the show with an all male cast at Above The Stag this is a cheeky, crude and charming show.

Romance Romance is playing at Above The Stag until 6 April.

More information and tickets can be found here

Book & lyrics – Barry Harman

Music – Keith Herrmann

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