Review: 5* Screamworks Bloodbath – The Immersive Experience. Secret Location near Bethnal Green

Not for the faint hearted but what a fabulously frightening, gloriously grotesque and strangely sexy evening.

A thank you letter to Jack – our host.

Dear Jack,

Despite not knowing what has happened to you since I left your house, when one is invited to a party, it is only polite and correct to send a thank you letter so I hope this finds you well, wherever you might be.

In case someone finds this letter, I do not want to say too much about the specifics of what occurred that night. It may spoil future legendary stories which may be told about you or ruin other parties you have. That is, if you get to do hold such a party ever again. 

I will be vague enough that nothing is given away but hopefully it will remind you of the fun you had with your guests that evening. It may even provide enough titillating information to convince others to come along and visit you sometime.

When I received my invite, I understood that I was coming to a birthday party of sorts. I have to admit, it is the first time I have been blindfolded to enter a party, but there is a first time for everything.

As soon as I was inside, in silence, in the dark, my heart started to thump. What on earth had I got myself into and what was I going to face? I had heard many stories of your home, about the strange things I might encounter. But also there was the fact that you were not hiding the fact that you are a serial killer. 

We had even spoken beforehand via social media – a lovely additional personal touch bringing me into the experience before the night of the event. You had confirmed when we spoke, that you had plans to finish your Great Work, but what that was, you didn’t explain. I knew this work likely involved women -you had shown your preference for them in our conversations. I assumed it was something macabre, and perhaps I was putting myself in danger by attending, but my interest was piqued. 

Once in the house, your voice echoed throughout the rooms, telling us the tale of your brother, Abel, and your childhoods and the complicated relationship you had with your mother, Grace.

As you spoke, the guests could explore your house, looking through letters and photos, seeing what influenced you. Aside from the severed limbs, pickled faces, sex toys, explicit imagery, a murder board of newspaper clippings about serial killers and criminals, pictures of us – your guests – on the walls of the rooms, pornography on the TV, and a woman who was clearly drugged and dazed, tied up in a locked room, this was like any other house I had been to for a party. 

Infact, the elements of normalcy and attention to detail around each room made it all more unsettling. The height chart plotting your growth from childhood, the messy kitchen with wine and chocolates for us – just as you’d expect at a party – the desk filled with sewing supplies. Exploring each room was definitly worth doing to add to the story and to understand you further.

You did say we could look around and touch things, so I hope that that was ok? I do find myself being very nosy sometimes.

This could’ve all felt like a set, something put together by someone as a joke to scare their friends. But the meticulous consideration of that which adorned each room made it all feel so real…I mean, it was wasn’t it?

When the 4 of us from our group finally met you and your poor mother, I am not sure everyone knew what to expect. Your attire was somewhat more revealing than ours and I think some of us felt over dressed. It was also clear to see the split person you have become over your lifetime. 

Again, it was the conscientious way you dealt with your guests that made this experience so enjoyable, something you don’t always see at similar events. You knew each of our names and a lot about us, some of it from what we had told you prior to our visit, some of it perhaps from some gentle cyber stalking – a fine example of being careful about what we share online I would say. 

Sadly for you, but probably thankfully for us, none of us fit your requirements to complete your Great Work, we were released, and the party was broken up early. 

Most of the fear I felt was from my own head – the trepidation and apprehension about what I was to face next. Sure there were some gruesome things that we saw. There were rooms filled with darkness, hands grabbing us from the shadows, tunnels to crawl down and some (very literally) shocking events, but wasn’t that what those attending were expecting?

The final part of this experience was an explanation of what you had done and why – an attempt to gain sympathy for someone who some may deem monstrous but who, in fact, is damaged and broken by a lifetime of positions and situations you should have never found yourself in.

As I said, I do not know what happened to you, if you have been caught or if you are continuing your Great Work, but I for one would come back to attend a future houseparty. I am unsure if you would want to invite me again since you now know I am no good for your Work but I do hope that anyone who intercepts this letter will consider taking you up on any invitation they receive. 

You and your house are not for the faint hearted but it certainly was a great evening.  Thank you again

Warmest regards


Bloodbath is currently running until 31 March 2023

There is a valentine special – tickets can be found here

Tickets for the main event can be found here



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