Richard III, St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden – Review

  #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters: 4* Winter of discontent + my kingdom for a horse = Richard III alfresco style.   The Iris Theatre could not have picked a better home than St Paul’s Church for their interactive, immersive approach to Shakespeare’s work. Built by stage designer Inigo Jones, the church has aContinue reading “Richard III, St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden – Review”

Review: The Anorak, Hope Theatre,Upper Street, Islington

The Anorak #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters: 3*s – Misogynist + loner coping with rejection = compelling journey into the mind of a mass killer. Established only last year, the Hope Theatre aims to showcase emerging new writing talent, and boldly presents the disturbing tale of Mark Lepine, perpetrator of the Montreal Massacre in 1989.Continue reading “Review: The Anorak, Hope Theatre,Upper Street, Islington”

Review: Macbeth – RIFT – Secret Location, London

An in depth review of RIFT’s – Macbeth #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters – 5* An incredible, overnight, immersive experience in Borduria; a place where, once you have been, you’ll definitely want to visit again. Macbeth doth murder sleep 24 hours ago, I left the RIFT which had opened near a tower block inContinue reading “Review: Macbeth – RIFT – Secret Location, London”

Do’s and Dont’s of going through the RIFT Macbeth

How to make it through the RIFT in one piece… ‘Tweetingit – post in 140 characters – Want to survive the RIFT? Just a few tips from someone who (just about) made it out alive   Dos and Don’ts of The Rift – Macbeth Do put some effort into your passport. Don’t worry, you areContinue reading “Do’s and Dont’s of going through the RIFT Macbeth”

News: Playhouse Pickings’ first quote

#Tweeting it – news item in 140 characters –EEEEEEEEEEE Playhouse Pickings’ first quote on a theatre poster for Thriller Live in the Metro and Evening Standard So, I have to say, I am a bit excited – as you may have gathered from my #Tweetingit! As you will see from the picture below ( I haveContinue reading “News: Playhouse Pickings’ first quote”

News: Overnight Macbeth? Tonight at an undisclosed location

Rift – Macbeth #Tweeting it – the premise in 140 characters – An audience immersed into Shakespeare’s classic for a full 12 hours in a secret location? Anything could happen “OVERNIGHT MACBETH?” This is the reaction I have had from nearly everyone when I have told them about this new ground-breaking production of one ofContinue reading “News: Overnight Macbeth? Tonight at an undisclosed location”

Review: Thriller Live

Thriller Live, Lyric Theatre, Shaftsbury Avenue #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters: 5* Shamone + Hee Hee + Aaoowh = an incredible 2 hours of entertainment. Walking down Shaftsbury Avenue I pondered exactly what ‘Thriller Live’ would deliver? A simple jukebox musical; a biographical piece with songs thrown in for good measure or a ‘starsContinue reading “Review: Thriller Live”

Review: Cats, The Marlowe, Canterbury

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber Choreographer: Gillian Lynne Director: Trevor Nunn Originally Posted: #Tweetingit: Review in 140 characters – A timeless classic which both adults and children alike will love There is no doubt in my mind that this is a timeless classic. Cats ran for 21 years in London and 18 years on Broadway, makingContinue reading “Review: Cats, The Marlowe, Canterbury”

Bathhouse! The Musical extended by popular demand

Good news folks! The extremely popular Bathhouse! The Musical has had its time at Above the Stag, Vauxhall extended until the 9th August 2014. Tickets will be on sale shortly. Playhouse Pickings’ review can be found at Tickets can be found at :