Review: Bathhouse! The Musical

Bathhouse! The Musical Above the Stag Theatre, Arch 17, Miles Street, Vauxhall SW8 1RZ   #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters: 4* High-camp humour + harmonious voices + the odd gratuitous glimpse = raucous laughter all round   Down an unpromising road, underneath a busy train route in Vauxhall, is your friendly neighbourhood bathhouse.   HereContinue reading “Review: Bathhouse! The Musical”

Review: Tristram Shandy – Conception, Cock & Bull

St James Studio #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters: 5* – unmissable Thoughts of a gentleman + this is your life 18th Century Style = bawdy tales of conception, birth and romantic inclination Writing when properly managed is but a different name for conversation’…So said Laurence Sterne, creator of the legendary Tristram Shandy. Quite prophetic forContinue reading “Review: Tristram Shandy – Conception, Cock & Bull”

Review: Mugs Arrows

Old Red Lion Theatre, St John Street, the Angel #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters: 4* Best man + best friend in conversation = post wedding analysis + game of darts interrupted by beautiful bride = the darkest of black comedies. So two guys walk in to a pub and start playing darts…it sounds likeContinue reading “Review: Mugs Arrows”

Review: The Blonde Bombshells

Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate Village #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters: 5* Unmissable WW2 – Blitz spirit (cross dressing draft dodging drummers) + all girl band = sisters doing for themselves. Perched atop Highgate Village, the Gatehouse presents a challenging course of undulating hills en route from the tube. However, it was well worth the effort.Continue reading “Review: The Blonde Bombshells”

Review – Limbo – London Wonderground

London Wonderground Originally posted: #Tweetingit – my review in 140 characters 5* A sexy, awe-inspiring, mind boggling (how does he bend in half like that?)performance with catchy music and seriously impressive stunts London Wondergound is another world. Situated on the Southbank, this amazing place is bustling with excitement, cocktails are flowing and there are showsContinue reading “Review – Limbo – London Wonderground”

Rhiannon reflects on…the great drama teacher behind every great actor

‘Tweetingit – Rhiannon Reflects in 140 characters “All the world’s a stage” and those who guide you on to the stage and prompt you when you stumble over your lines, will never be forgotten   As you may have gathered from previous posts, I have been “into” theatre for a long time. My parents wereContinue reading “Rhiannon reflects on…the great drama teacher behind every great actor”

Rhiannon Reflects on…immersive theatre

#Tweetingit – Rhiannon’s reflections in 140 characters Immersive theatre – however we got so immersed, give it a go, there’s something out there for everyone I blame Deirdre Rachid. What was is about that storyline that got the nation so riled up and wanting to actually get involved in the show? Over the last decadeContinue reading “Rhiannon Reflects on…immersive theatre”

Wasted – November 2013

Marlowe Theatre Studio – Canterbury Writer: Kate Tempest Originally posted: #Tweetingit – my verdict in 140 characters 4* – Kate Tempest is an incredible poet and writer. A poignant look at our relationship with alcohol and wasted opportunities “A play by the UK’s most exciting performance poet and rapper.” This may not sound likeContinue reading “Wasted – November 2013”

Brian Blogs – There was a time….

Brian is a friend and colleague who is a keen theatregoer and has recently started reviewing. His contributions to this blog will revolve around reminiscing on times gone by in theatre. Episode 1 #Tweeting it  – Brian blogs in 140 characters Changing theatre attitudes – people eating, sleeping, talking, turning up late. Sure you wouldn’t fancyContinue reading “Brian Blogs – There was a time….”

Rhiannon Reflects….on Miss Saigon – 4 days

#Tweetingit – Rhiannon Reflects in 140 Characters OMG I AM GOING TO SEE MISS SAIGON IN 4 DAYS I have been listening to the music from Miss Saigon, for as long as I can remember. I know the songs (and all their harmonies, much to the annoyance of everyone around me) off my heart; IContinue reading “Rhiannon Reflects….on Miss Saigon – 4 days”