Review – BU21, Theatre 503, @theatre503, #BU21

  #Tweetingit –  4* Terror attack aftermath, harrowing + moments of humour, soundly written and acted, scary but more chance of being hit by a London bus than a plane falling out of the sky. Let’s take a look at the odds; dying in a plane crash; around 11 million to one; dying in aContinue reading “Review – BU21, Theatre 503, @theatre503, #BU21”

Brian Blogs – The Lost 18 months: What Rhiannon missed….

  #Tweetingit – What no theatre for 18 months?! Culturally bereft, not natural is it? Let’s fix it then; lowdown on the highlights is a good place to start…. Eighteen months is a long time in the theatre, particularly when shows come and go in the blink of an eye and the only constants areContinue reading “Brian Blogs – The Lost 18 months: What Rhiannon missed….”

Brian Blogs – There was a time….

Brian is a friend and colleague who is a keen theatregoer and has recently started reviewing. His contributions to this blog will revolve around reminiscing on times gone by in theatre. Episode 1 #Tweeting it  – Brian blogs in 140 characters Changing theatre attitudes – people eating, sleeping, talking, turning up late. Sure you wouldn’t fancyContinue reading “Brian Blogs – There was a time….”