More places to stream shows this Easter Sunday (and beyond) #CultureInQuarantine #staycreative

And the shows available for you to stream just keep rolling in.

One of the only positives I can see about this whole thing right now is that people who might not usually get the opportunity to go to the theatre (too far away, too expensive) have the chance to see some of the best shows around.

So here are the next batch for your enjoyment. 

We will of course get reviewing as many as we can. 

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Review: 5***** Cirque Du Solei 60 minute special 27th March 2020 #cirqueconnect @Cirque #staycreative #CultureInQuarantine

There are now many plays and musicals being streamed access the internet but sometimes we all need a bit of variety. You need something you can just watch and enjoy, something where you do not have to follow a complicated story, or get heavily invested in the lives of the characters on stage only for them to die, be heartbroken or something else tragic. So, I propose to you that at times like these, when we are anxious about the outside world and fed up being stuck indoors, there is simply nothing better than watching people performing incredible death defying acrobatic feats on, for example, a giant floating ships high above an enormous swimming pool!

Cue Cirque Du Solei with their 60 minute special!

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Review: 2** Soap at Underbelly @UnderbellyFest #soap

#Tweetingit – 2** promised to make us wet with excitement. Left us damp and disappointed. 

The programme promised a lot.  A unique combination of world-class acrobatics, comedy and live opera performed in, on and around bathtubs.  Quite a bold claim to make, and whilst technically not wrong this just didn’t add up to an entertaining show.Soap_1000x640_800x600.png

There were bathtubs, though goodness knows why. There were world-class acrobats performing impressive feats of strength, balance and grace – and doing so with wet hands and feet so extra points to them.  There was a woman acting like a particularly dim-witted child, I believe this passes for comedy these days.  There was a singer with an excellent voice singing cringingly unsophisticated bathtime-based lyrics to well-known classics.  There was lots and lots of splashing, and rather too much spitting for my liking.  It did exactly what it promised, but it was boring.

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Review: 3*** Circus Abyssinia at Underbelly Festival @UnderbellyFest @CircusAbyssinia ‏

The programme tells us that Circus Abyssinia explores a journey of wonders for two little Ethiopian brothers, a surreal explanation of how brothers Bibi and Bichu Tesfamariam found the joy of performing with the circus.  The troupe are formed from students at the circus school they founded in Addis Ababa and range in age from 13 to 24.  Circus-Abyssinia-Cast.jpgThey bring a youthful, if unpolished, exuberance to the performance which seemed to ignite the crowd.

The show started explosively with the whole troupe taking to the round backed by resonant African beats – a theme that continues through the hour long show – and performing some impressive gymnastic moves.  Working with no apparatus or safety equipment they leap and are thrown in the air.  The athleticism and energy in the performance, not to mention the trust between the performers, was particularly impressive given the age of the performers.

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NEWS: It’s that time of year again – the big inflatable cow is gracing the Southbank again for UNDERBELLY 6th April – 30th September @UnderbellyFest ‏ @Robbotron

Whether you love music, comedy, circus, cabaret or something else – there is something for everyone at this year’s Underbelly!UnderbellyFestivalSouthbank_270517_25_preview


  • Highlights include: Circus Abyssinia, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, The Dark Room, Nina Conti & Aliens Love Underpants

Now preparing for a 10th year on the Southbank and having smashed through the million-tickets-sold barrier last year, Underbelly Festival Southbank will open in just two weeks with a dazzling array of circus, comedy, cabaret, family entertainment, food and drink.

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Review: 4**** Becoming Shades – The Vaults Festival Chivaree Circus @Chivaree_Circus @VAULTFestival

#Tweetingit – A feminist retelling of a classic tale complete with breathtaking acrobatics, and strength from the performers that appears to know no bounds. 

The Waterloo Vaults are quite the experience; a rabbit warren of rooms, bars, dens and cubbies to watch plays, immerse yourself in an adventure and sit with friends to have a drink or 2.

We are guided towards the largest of the Vaults venues – The Forge. Becoming-Shades-main-image-1200x617-optimisedI had already been in this room once that evening to see Neverland (link) so was surprised to enter it and feel like I was in a completely different place to the one I had left just 45 minutes earlier. In the darkness, the audience begins putting on their black surgical masks with which we had been presented to wear throughout the show.

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Review: 4**** Hotel Black Cat @LdnWonderground @cabaretblackcat

We went to see Hotel Black Cat on 24 June 2016.  It was possibly not the best day for leaving the house – both of us were feeling decidedly dejected, not to mention sleep deprived, having watched the results of the referendum roll in all nigBCC-Salon-800px-e1456855727184.jpght long.

 I walked into the show feeling heavy hearted, like nothing could cheer me up, and was happy to be proven wrong this time.

It was gloriously fun – the perfect antidote to the previous 24 hours!

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Review – Limbo – London Wonderground

London Wonderground

Originally posted:

#Tweetingit – my review in 140 characters

5* A sexy, awe-inspiring, mind boggling (how does he bend in half like that?)performance with catchy music and seriously impressive stunts


London Wondergound is another world. Situated on the Southbank, this amazing place is bustling with excitement, cocktails are flowing and there are shows for everyone to enjoy; and Limbo is no exception. A sexy, breathtaking, awe-inspiring array of acts that keep you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of the 75 minute performance.

The 9-strong troupe defy many rules of physics and biology. They are dancers, singers, illusionists, musicians, jugglers, acrobats, sword swallowers, beat boxers, rappers, pole dancers and so much more.

This is a kind of adult Cirque du Soleil or modernised circus. Inside the ticketed area, there is a miniature adult fairground; a cocktail bar, pizza stall, dodgems and waltzers for chairs. Once summoned to the performance space, the audience enter into a big top style arena.

The music is incredible. I can agree that this music is as described; constantly surprising, always funky, very sexy and a little bit off kilter. Performed by Sxip Shirey , their style of music is JANK. Harmonicas, horns, mixing bowls, an electric kalimba, banjos and so much more. They are truly a talented bunch. Who would’ve thought that a mixing bowl could create so much atmosphere or that a tuba player could be so sexy?

Each and every act is stunning and trying to describe it all won’t do it justice. The performers are all unbelievable and often very funny. Danik Abishev’s balancing act, Jonathan Nosan’s ridiculously and mind bogglingly bendy body, Hilton Denis’ skilful tap dancing, Heather Holliday’s fabulous fire breathing and sword swallowing, and Evelyn Alard’s glamorous acrobatics. But the person who stood out for me was Mikael Bres.

I don’t think a pole dance could have been more impressive or sexy – and it was done by a man. Mikael Bres uses incredible skill and strength to perform this impressive pole dance. It wasn’t too over the top and the men in the audience, I doubt felt, uncomfortable – he was fully clothed afterall. This boylesque routine kept those who appreciated the male form goggly eyed, while his strength and speed with which he both climbed and descended the pole made the whole audience gasp.

You would think that with so many different types of acts and props and costumes to change that it would be a little disjointed. That is not the case; there is always something going on to fill these moments.

Many of the things that I saw I find difficult to fathom. I cannot even begin to think about how they do these things, or discover that they can in the first place. But, one final question I want answered by the cast: how on earth did you get fish net tights on within a few seconds without laddering them between acts? Now that takes skill.

For an incredible, breathtaking and astonishing evening out, in this beautiful and crazy world of Limbo, get down to the spiegeltent at London’s Wonderground.

London Wonderground
Southbank Centre, London SE1 8XX
For more details go to

Showing until 17th August 2014