Review: 4**** Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition @gingerline #immersive dining #GLExpedition #GrandExpedition

Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition certainly lives up to its name. An innovative and fully immersive dining experience that is quirky, action packed and offers something for everyone.

Set slightly off the beaten track (but still on the Victoria Line) the location remains a secret until late in the day, retaining an element of the unknown right up until the last minute. Once inside the venue, you would never have known you were actually inside a warehouse as it was a fantastic use of the space. Every inch of it was decorated in keeping with the aeronautical theme and the action took place from the moment we stepped through the door! Seated in clusters on tables designed to imitate hot air balloons, the edible journey begins with an animation projected onto an impressive 360° screen that surrounds you. Instantly you find yourself amongst the clouds and a natural conversation starter between fellow diners opens up as you anticipate where the first destination will be. This is continued for all five courses and never disappoints.

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Review: 5**** An Evening of Meat – The Vaults, London @iam_concepts @thevaultsuk

Having launched on 27th March, An Evening of Meat is a unique and provocative dining experience about femininity, vulnerability, strength, stability, sensuality, power, and unbridled wildness which fuses expressive dance and indulgent dining to create and evening like nothing else. American director Kate March’s all-female creative collective use the tables as a stage while the audience eats. 172-L1240794-Edit--650x376The show is designed to shock all of your senses, as evocative music fills your ears, an amazing 6-course meal caresses your taste buds and the audience watch the cast perform their exquisitely sensual, acrobatic dance.

As the audience enters the dining room, they are greeted by 4 scantily clad women ( beautifully designed by Lisa Von Tang) seemingly asleep on the trestle tables. As the music begins, the women begin to perform a mixture of raw improvised dance and interactions with the audience alongside seriously strong and powerful choreographed pieces.

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Interview: Kate March – An Evening of Meat @iam_concepts @thevaultsuk

On 27th March 2018, An Evening of Meat is launched at Waterloo Vaults. It is a unique and provocative dinner installation – described as a feast of femininity where expressive dance and indulgent food meet to thoroughly inundate all the senses. Having gained a cult following across the world, download (3)American director Kate March along with her all-female creative collective, I AM, brings her unique mixture of choreography, performance art and food to London for a limited run this Spring.

I’ll be going along in a couple of weeks to experience the fine-dining menu and dancers using a table as a stage, and  I cannot wait to see what’s held in store for me. Before that though, I was lucky enough to speak to Kate about I AM, the show, and what is next for her and the company.

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Review: 4**** Party Skills for the End of the World – Shoreditch Town Hall @ShoreditchTH @nigelandlouise @louiseandnigel

As you are ushered from the side entrance of Shoreditch Town Hall to a small corridor and handed a raffle ticket there is certainly an air of awaiting entrance to some exclusive party, however, the eerie 1960’s psychedelic music tells you all is not what it seems.Party Skills for the End of the World at Shoreditch Town Hall. Credit - James Berry 2_preview

Party skills for the End of the World is a two-hour devised immersive theatre piece exploring a non-descript apocalypse with martinis, party games and moments of spine existential horror, oh and dairy milk!

The evening begins decadently with audience members making their own martinis and being instructed on posters about how to make friends at a party. However, this soon descends into something darker as the audience is introduced to the skills that they will need in this dystopia outside the confines of the party.

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5***** The Ginstitute at The Portobello Star @the_ginstitute

#Tweetingit – 5***** – A Gincredible experience for gin lovers and newcomers alike

Now  technically this isn’t a theatre review, but a masterclass review, but we think that it felt like a lot of the immersive, interactive theatre events that have been springing up around London of late.  Oh, and we totally loved it so think that everyone should go!


A group of 4 of us attended as part of the seemingly year-long 30th birthday celebrations for Playhouse Pickings’ very own Rhiannon Lawson – who happens to be rather a fan of “mother’s ruin”.  Two more of us are practised gin-soaks and our fourth has recently discovered that gin isn’t all that bad if you don’t add tonic to it, so is very much on a learning curve at the moment.

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Dinner with a side of Immersion

immersive 1The age of immersive, interactive, innovative and imaginative dining is well upon us.  You want to just eat your food, without accomplishing or experiencing anything else while doing it? Well that’s unfortunate because immersive eating and drinking experiences are popping up everywhere and it looks like they’re here to stay!

Immersive theatre, which I expect many people thought would be a passing phase and has in fact lasted well over a decade, has become increasingly widespread. Alien incursions,  1920s  underground secret bars, escape rooms, overnight Macbeth, interactive cabaret, and of course the productions from the Kings and Queens of immersive theatre, PunchDrunk and You Me Bum Bum Train are just some of the available options. But perhaps it is now at the point that the companies creating such events have decided they need something more to compete with their rivals, draw in the crowds, make it different and make it a truly immersive experience.

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