Review: 4**** The Silhouette in the Smoke – London Museum of Water and Steam – @Immer_City @waterandsteam

#Tweetingit: 4**** ImmerCity wring every drop of suspense from their unusual venue with great performances Directed and produced by Rosanna Mallinson, ImmerCity’s immersive theatre experience takes place in the industrially foreboding setting of the London Museum of Water and Steam. Armed with nothing but torches and coats, groups of six are set loose in theContinue reading “Review: 4**** The Silhouette in the Smoke – London Museum of Water and Steam – @Immer_City @waterandsteam”

Interview: Kate March – An Evening of Meat @iam_concepts @thevaultsuk

On 27th March 2018, An Evening of Meat is launched at Waterloo Vaults. It is a unique and provocative dinner installation – described as a feast of femininity where expressive dance and indulgent food meet to thoroughly inundate all the senses. Having gained a cult following across the world, American director Kate March along withContinue reading “Interview: Kate March – An Evening of Meat @iam_concepts @thevaultsuk”

Review: 4**** Becoming Shades – The Vaults Festival Chivaree Circus @Chivaree_Circus @VAULTFestival

#Tweetingit – A feminist retelling of a classic tale complete with breathtaking acrobatics, and strength from the performers that appears to know no bounds.  The Waterloo Vaults are quite the experience; a rabbit warren of rooms, bars, dens and cubbies to watch plays, immerse yourself in an adventure and sit with friends to have aContinue reading “Review: 4**** Becoming Shades – The Vaults Festival Chivaree Circus @Chivaree_Circus @VAULTFestival”

Interview: Trapped In A Van @trappedldn

You’re normally so careful. Or, maybe you’ve just been lucky up until now. You never thought you’d get caught. And yet, here you are, on your way to Pentonville. Well, you can’t have that, can you? Prison orange really doesn’t suit you… First step: Stop the van. Second step: Escape. Third step: Retire to theContinue reading “Interview: Trapped In A Van @trappedldn”

Review: 3*** Dead Drop – Wringer + Mangle Bar @adoorinawall @designmynight #DropDead

Just five minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street station audience member/players/sleuths find themselves in a perfectly preserved 1960’s bar where they are greeted by a bevy of characters to quiz and clues to analyse. Drop Dead is an immersive murder mystery event from A Door In A Wall where guests interact with characters, solve puzzles andContinue reading “Review: 3*** Dead Drop – Wringer + Mangle Bar @adoorinawall @designmynight #DropDead”

Review: 4**** Revolution – The Vaults @exitprodu @VAULTfestival

Described as an immersive/interactive gaming experience, Revolution sounded right up my street. As a big fan of immersive theatre and a HUGE boardgame and RPG geek (I have over 150 boardgames at home and a standing weekly DnD game which inhabits my Friday nights), for what more could I ask? So first, am I strongContinue reading “Review: 4**** Revolution – The Vaults @exitprodu @VAULTfestival”

Archive reviews: Wyrd – Immercity – Secret Location @Immer_City

I started reviewing some time ago and I thought perhaps I should post some of my old reviews so they are all in one place. These will be coming up over the next week or so… This one was my first experience of immersive theatre and the one which started my obsession with it. IContinue reading “Archive reviews: Wyrd – Immercity – Secret Location @Immer_City”

Interview: Suz Mountfort and Kerry Adamson @gingerline @ChambersofFlav

   I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with Gingerline’s creators to ask how they go about what they do. Im also even more lucky to be able to say that tonight I am off to a taster session of the newest installment of Chambers of Flavour – a multi dimensional immersive foodContinue reading “Interview: Suz Mountfort and Kerry Adamson @gingerline @ChambersofFlav”

Dinner with a side of Immersion

The age of immersive, interactive, innovative and imaginative dining is well upon us.  You want to just eat your food, without accomplishing or experiencing anything else while doing it? Well that’s unfortunate because immersive eating and drinking experiences are popping up everywhere and it looks like they’re here to stay! Immersive theatre, which I expectContinue reading “Dinner with a side of Immersion”

Preview: Dinner with the Twits @Twitsdinner @TheVaultsUk @BompasandParr

“You are cordially invited to the worst dinner party in the world, at the residence of the revolting Mr and Mrs Twit” Usually, when my less known-for-their-culinary-skills friends invite me for dinner, I suggest we treat ourselves to take away or go out instead but on this occasion, things are, surprisingly, different. Celebrating a hundredContinue reading “Preview: Dinner with the Twits @Twitsdinner @TheVaultsUk @BompasandParr”