Lady Chastity’s Reserve – various venues #ladychastitysreserve

#Tweetingit – 5 friends, one locked room. The prize for escaping, a bottle of aphrodisiac wine – what could go wrong? Escape rooms are a big thing at the moment, I’ve seen them in myriad different themes: Nuclear holocaust, Zombie survival, Fallout-esq communist invasion, but the main thrust remains the same, get some friends, lockContinue reading “Lady Chastity’s Reserve – various venues #ladychastitysreserve”

Playhouse Pickings’ Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club @william_kimber

Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club  #Tweetingit – A 1920s immersive evening? Will I get out alive or end up a ganster’s moll? I’ll don my flapper dress & head to The Tick Tack Club to find out The Roaring Twenties were cool, there’s no two ways about it. It was the decade thatContinue reading “Playhouse Pickings’ Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club @william_kimber”

Upcoming Shows – How To Solve A Problem Like Murder? by Uncorked Theatre at Paradise by Way of Kensall Green #whowantstoplay

#Tweetingit – My 1st masked ball & I’ll be solving a murder. Uncorked Theatre promise a night of intrigue and discovery #whowantstoplay If you`ve read my previous blogs, youll know I love immersive theatre, so I was excited to see this new show is ready for its grand unveiling following Uncorked Theatre gaining residence atContinue reading “Upcoming Shows – How To Solve A Problem Like Murder? by Uncorked Theatre at Paradise by Way of Kensall Green #whowantstoplay”

Press Release – GRUFF THEATRE PRESENTS: Instructionally Invited

#Tweetingit: Press notice in 140 characters – My favourite – new immersive theatre! INSTRUCTIONALLY INVITED Four misshapen beings huddle over a table. They plan. Endlessly planning. Waiting… waiting for you.  DEVISED & DESIGNED BY GRUFF THEATRE. 4|5|6|11|12|13 AUGUST THE SPACE, ISLE OF DOGS. Unable to leave, separated from normality, longing for some form of interactionContinue reading “Press Release – GRUFF THEATRE PRESENTS: Instructionally Invited”

Review: Macbeth – RIFT – Secret Location, London

An in depth review of RIFT’s – Macbeth #Tweetingit – review in 140 characters – 5* An incredible, overnight, immersive experience in Borduria; a place where, once you have been, you’ll definitely want to visit again. Macbeth doth murder sleep 24 hours ago, I left the RIFT which had opened near a tower block inContinue reading “Review: Macbeth – RIFT – Secret Location, London”

Do’s and Dont’s of going through the RIFT Macbeth

How to make it through the RIFT in one piece… ‘Tweetingit – post in 140 characters – Want to survive the RIFT? Just a few tips from someone who (just about) made it out alive   Dos and Don’ts of The Rift – Macbeth Do put some effort into your passport. Don’t worry, you areContinue reading “Do’s and Dont’s of going through the RIFT Macbeth”

News: Overnight Macbeth? Tonight at an undisclosed location

Rift – Macbeth #Tweeting it – the premise in 140 characters – An audience immersed into Shakespeare’s classic for a full 12 hours in a secret location? Anything could happen “OVERNIGHT MACBETH?” This is the reaction I have had from nearly everyone when I have told them about this new ground-breaking production of one ofContinue reading “News: Overnight Macbeth? Tonight at an undisclosed location”