Review: 4**** Pressure – @ParkTheatre

Tweetingit: 4**** A riveting tale of the d-day landings and how a weather forecast went into battle. Proof that history is the new rock and roll! In the film Yanks, Captain John shouts out to a GI: Britain’s a beautiful country they just forgot to put the roof on! Well that missing roof created theContinue reading “Review: 4**** Pressure – @ParkTheatre”

Review: 4**** Teddy, the Vaults Theatre. @teddyuktour @thevaultsuk

Tweetingit: 4* Post-war Britain at the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll. Masterful storytelling creating a social document of 50s Britain, and a great live band too! One of many delights visiting the Vaults in Waterloo is the complete lack of pretension; an earthy quality that doesn’t stand on ceremony and presents the venue as anContinue reading “Review: 4**** Teddy, the Vaults Theatre. @teddyuktour @thevaultsuk”

Review: 5***** Julius Caesar, Bridge Theatre #BenWishaw, #MichelleFairley @davemorrissey64 #DavidCalder #DoThis @_bridgetheatre

Tweetingit: 5* Just witnessed a stroke of genius. A timeless story of power that never dates. In the words of Caesar “Do this!” Friends, Romans, fellow countrymen, lend me your ears! So very apt, I felt obliged to quote Mark Antony in this handsome production of Julius Caesar at the Bridge Theatre. A new kidContinue reading “Review: 5***** Julius Caesar, Bridge Theatre #BenWishaw, #MichelleFairley @davemorrissey64 #DavidCalder #DoThis @_bridgetheatre”

Review: 4**** The Mikado @charlescourt @KingsHeadThtr

Tweetingit: 4**** A sparkling new treatment of a Gilbert & Sullivan classic. The Charles Court Opera are most certainly all ablaze with ever-living glory. But the tight performance area didn’t leave much legroom. In the words of Nanki-Poo “modified rapture!” The earliest memory most people have of theatre are either school productions or amateur dramatics – andContinue reading “Review: 4**** The Mikado @charlescourt @KingsHeadThtr”

Review: 3*** Talos II @TalosFest @BreadandRosesTC @cyborphic @chriscallowjr

Tweetingit: 3* three plays exploring various sci-fi themes. Patchy, confusing but strangely compelling.  Solid, but will mostly appeal to fans of the genre. An unassuming pub in a leafy suburban street is now home to one of London’s most promising fringe theatres. The Bread and Roses is a five-minute walk from Clapham North tube stationContinue reading “Review: 3*** Talos II @TalosFest @BreadandRosesTC @cyborphic @chriscallowjr”

Review: 4**** Faces in the Crowd – White Bear Theatre @WhiteBearTheatr @Bonnie_Adair @ahdb12 @LawBallard @FITC2018 @UpstandingProd

Tweetingit: 4* A raw, emotional two-hander delivered with pace and conviction, honouring the finest traditions of northern drama My first visit to the White Bear immediately ticked all the required boxes. A two-minute walk from the nearest tube; a nice selection of beers and a neat, well-contained theatre upstairs. Faces in the crowd is aContinue reading “Review: 4**** Faces in the Crowd – White Bear Theatre @WhiteBearTheatr @Bonnie_Adair @ahdb12 @LawBallard @FITC2018 @UpstandingProd”