Review: 4**** Avenue Q New Wimbledon Theatre @AQuktour ‏@NewWimbTheatre

A cheeky, rude, irreverent musical (definitely for adults!) that was full of funny, catchy tunes performed by a mix of puppets and human actors, rather like an X-rated Sesame Street.


Set in New York, everything on Avenue Q is not “a-ok”. The story follows Princeton (voiced by Lawrence Smith), a newly-arrived college graduate who moves to Avenue Q and meets a variety of characters including Kate Monster (voiced by Cecily Redman), Bert and Ernie-types Rod (and Nicky and a porn-obsessed Trekkie Monster, all struggling in their own way with the expectations of modern life.

Created by Robert Lopez (Book of Mormon, Frozen), Jeff Marx and Jeff Whitty, they ask a lot of the audience, as the puppeteers are not concealed and playing multiple roles, roaming an effective and attractive set with their puppets in hand.

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