Review: 4**** Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition @gingerline #immersive dining #GLExpedition #GrandExpedition

Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition certainly lives up to its name. An innovative and fully immersive dining experience that is quirky, action packed and offers something for everyone.

Set slightly off the beaten track (but still on the Victoria Line) the location remains a secret until late in the day, retaining an element of the unknown right up until the last minute. Once inside the venue, you would never have known you were actually inside a warehouse as it was a fantastic use of the space. Every inch of it was decorated in keeping with the aeronautical theme and the action took place from the moment we stepped through the door! Seated in clusters on tables designed to imitate hot air balloons, the edible journey begins with an animation projected onto an impressive 360° screen that surrounds you. Instantly you find yourself amongst the clouds and a natural conversation starter between fellow diners opens up as you anticipate where the first destination will be. This is continued for all five courses and never disappoints.

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Review: 3*** Karagula Secret Location @wearepigdog

Karagula is generally described in very vague terms, such as “sweeping fantasy epic” and other incredibly broad terms that almost obscure more than they clarify.

Very fond of in medias res, the play beings with disjointed conversations between an old man in what PIGappears to be a time machine and a recording, which fades in and out as the voice learns to speak. They speak of a shared dream – a forest and a voice uttering a single word: Karagula.

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