Review: 4**** Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs – The Peacock Theatre @TapDogsofficial ‏@peacocktheatre

Tweetingit: 4* Cool, fast and funky, the godfathers of tap are back…but please do not try this at home!

I first saw Tap Dogs around 20 years ago and took my Mum along as a reluctant +1; I asked her what she thought of the show?…and I quote: oh it’s alright but that’s not proper dancing, you’re just making a racket with your feet. Conveniently overlooking the required balance, rhythm and co-ordination, I couldn’t help thinking she had a point. tap_dogs_largeThey were without doubt brilliant dancers, but it was raw and lacked sufficient variation. Tap dancing would typically occupy a five minute spot in a film or variety show; beyond that timeframe it was a tad predictable. However, the group subsequently toured the world including a memorable appearance at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Led by group founder Dein Perry Tap Dogs are now honed to perfection with a unique take on the art of tap

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