Review: 5***** The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time @curiousonstage @marlowetheatre

#tweeting it: 5***** An emotional, poignant and, in parts, funny portrayal of the struggles of people with autism. This production is astonishing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, adapted for stage by Simon Stephens from Mark Haddon’s mystery novel, is very much a work about obsessions. The more obvious of these obsessionsContinue reading “Review: 5***** The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time @curiousonstage @marlowetheatre”

Review:5***** Briefs @LdnWonderground @Briefsfactory

#Tweetingit – 5***** Naked men cavorting around the stage thrusting and gyrating + filthy jokes – alright then! This is the fourth time around for this Briefs show – although you would never know it. The boys bring back their own particular brand of male burlesque to the UK. Wonder Ground on the South BankContinue reading “Review:5***** Briefs @LdnWonderground @Briefsfactory”

Review: 5***** Sister @ovalhouse

The Ovalhouse has been a part of the London theatre scene for over 50 years, and is patronised by people such as Pierce Brosnan. But with shows like Sister being being performed here, it doesn’t need the famous names to draw people in. Sister is the new play by Born Mad, a theatre company led byContinue reading “Review: 5***** Sister @ovalhouse”

Review: 2** Broken Strings @TabardTheatreUK

A stone’s throw from Turnham Green tube is the charming Tabard pub, with William Morris inspired interior and a cozy fairy-lit garden, providing a lovely spot for a gin and tonic, and to see two seasoned performers offer an emotionally charged evening – hopes were high! The intimate studio theatre perched above the pub seatsContinue reading “Review: 2** Broken Strings @TabardTheatreUK”

Interview: Suz Mountfort and Kerry Adamson @gingerline @ChambersofFlav

   I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with Gingerline’s creators to ask how they go about what they do. Im also even more lucky to be able to say that tonight I am off to a taster session of the newest installment of Chambers of Flavour – a multi dimensional immersive foodContinue reading “Interview: Suz Mountfort and Kerry Adamson @gingerline @ChambersofFlav”

Review: 4**** The Unreachable @royalcourt #mattsmith

The play begins with a Matt Smith voiceover to a single actress, Natasha, in a beam of light. We are told that she will be reading a monologue for the final scene of a film. In the rare moments when the play is serious, the imagery is excellent and the bathos presented by the repetitionContinue reading “Review: 4**** The Unreachable @royalcourt #mattsmith”

Review: 1* Cut @thevaultsuk @LdnWonderground  

  #Tweetingit – 1* Not at all representative of the shows usually linked to London Wonderground – a thin script and gimmicky theatrical devices left this reviewer in the dark. The lights come up, the clapping carries on longer than I expect, “I genuinely have no idea what just happened.” A few glances between couplesContinue reading “Review: 1* Cut @thevaultsuk @LdnWonderground  “

Review: Played to Death – @adoorinawall

#Tweetingit – 4**** – Musical Murder, teamwork, hidden clues and running around public parks in doggy ears. All good clean London fun! Its 7:30pm in London, I’m wearing dress shoes that pinch and my waistcoat is a tad to small…. or I’m too portly, jury’s out. I’m staring up at a large nineteenth-century novelty clockContinue reading “Review: Played to Death – @adoorinawall”

Review: 3*** Squirm, Bread and Roses Theatre  @AppetiteTC @BreadandRosesTC

#Tweetingit – 3*** Man in a bath contemplating his navel, self-deluded and fighting his inner demons? An interesting and occasionally gripping monologue. Pub theatres can offer something close to an ideal night out, beer and a burger downstairs and slice of culture upstairs. This was definitely the right time to visit the Bread and Roses,Continue reading “Review: 3*** Squirm, Bread and Roses Theatre  @AppetiteTC @BreadandRosesTC”

Review: 5***** Motown the Musical Shaftesbury Theatre- @MotownMusical @Shaftesbury1911

#Tweetingit – 5***** A dream begins on the production line at Fords in Detroit. $800 loan creates a musical dynasty and soundtrack to our lives. Motown is the word! At the Motown 25 TV Special, Marvin Gaye described what the label meant to him…it’s about love songs, guy and girl songs, songs of protest andContinue reading “Review: 5***** Motown the Musical Shaftesbury Theatre- @MotownMusical @Shaftesbury1911”