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London Wonderground

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5* A sexy, awe-inspiring, mind boggling (how does he bend in half like that?)performance with catchy music and seriously impressive stunts


London Wondergound is another world. Situated on the Southbank, this amazing place is bustling with excitement, cocktails are flowing and there are shows for everyone to enjoy; and Limbo is no exception. A sexy, breathtaking, awe-inspiring array of acts that keep you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of the 75 minute performance.

The 9-strong troupe defy many rules of physics and biology. They are dancers, singers, illusionists, musicians, jugglers, acrobats, sword swallowers, beat boxers, rappers, pole dancers and so much more.

This is a kind of adult Cirque du Soleil or modernised circus. Inside the ticketed area, there is a miniature adult fairground; a cocktail bar, pizza stall, dodgems and waltzers for chairs. Once summoned to the performance space, the audience enter into a big top style arena.

The music is incredible. I can agree that this music is as described; constantly surprising, always funky, very sexy and a little bit off kilter. Performed by Sxip Shirey , their style of music is JANK. Harmonicas, horns, mixing bowls, an electric kalimba, banjos and so much more. They are truly a talented bunch. Who would’ve thought that a mixing bowl could create so much atmosphere or that a tuba player could be so sexy?

Each and every act is stunning and trying to describe it all won’t do it justice. The performers are all unbelievable and often very funny. Danik Abishev’s balancing act, Jonathan Nosan’s ridiculously and mind bogglingly bendy body, Hilton Denis’ skilful tap dancing, Heather Holliday’s fabulous fire breathing and sword swallowing, and Evelyn Alard’s glamorous acrobatics. But the person who stood out for me was Mikael Bres.

I don’t think a pole dance could have been more impressive or sexy – and it was done by a man. Mikael Bres uses incredible skill and strength to perform this impressive pole dance. It wasn’t too over the top and the men in the audience, I doubt felt, uncomfortable – he was fully clothed afterall. This boylesque routine kept those who appreciated the male form goggly eyed, while his strength and speed with which he both climbed and descended the pole made the whole audience gasp.

You would think that with so many different types of acts and props and costumes to change that it would be a little disjointed. That is not the case; there is always something going on to fill these moments.

Many of the things that I saw I find difficult to fathom. I cannot even begin to think about how they do these things, or discover that they can in the first place. But, one final question I want answered by the cast: how on earth did you get fish net tights on within a few seconds without laddering them between acts? Now that takes skill.

For an incredible, breathtaking and astonishing evening out, in this beautiful and crazy world of Limbo, get down to the spiegeltent at London’s Wonderground.

London Wonderground
Southbank Centre, London SE1 8XX
For more details go to

Showing until 17th August 2014

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