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If you want to discover something about Tom Jones seeing this production is a good place to start. ‘Tom. A Story of Tom Jones. The Musical’ is electrifying, a production filled with hits by the musical legend Tom Jones all sung with great energy by Kit Orton. You can expect to see the classics: ‘Sex Bomb’, ‘It’s Not Unusual’, ‘Delilah’, ‘What’s New Pussy Cat’, and much more.

It’s a classic rags to riches story which details the singers trials and tribulations as he goes from being a construction worker in South Wales, to lead singer of Welsh beat group ‘Tommy Scott and the Senators’, to the debut of his hit ‘It’s Not Unusual’ on Top of the Pops.
This show is not just about the various milestones that led to Tom’s success. It explores his relationships with his friends and family. This element added weight to the story as it conveyed the sacrifice and hardship that he had to go through in order to realise his career as a singer.
The performances were all committed, with each actor playing their character without half measures. Kit Orton got Tom Jones’s dancing down. Richard Corgan who played Tom’s manager was very convincing as a man in debt and undergoing a tremendous amount of stress as a result.
The production as a whole doesn’t take itself too seriously and it works! The writing is punchy and funny. If you’re a fan of Tom Jones you will probably love it. If you’re not a follower, or indifferent then go with an open mind, as you may have to partake in some dancing and clapping by the end (not on the stage of course). However, the performances of the songs are all so committed that you might be won over and dancing along won’t be such a chore if that’s not your thing.
Spanning two hours and twenty minutes (including the interval) this production gives itself ample time to tell the story of Tom’s rise to fame. However, each scene and song adds to the story and helps drive it forward, so despite the length of the production it doesn’t drag on. This is an uplifting way to spend your evening, but don’t expect anything too cerebral.
Running from Tuesday 17th-Saturday 21st May
Creative team- Writer: Mike James, Director: Geinor Styles, Musical Arrangements: Ben Goddard, Set Designer: Sean Crowley, Lighting Designer: Jason Taylor, Sound Designer: Mike Beer, Musical Director and additional arrangements: Greg Palmer, Costume Designer: Sian Jenkins, Movement Director: Maggie Rawlinson.

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