Review – 4**** Dismissed – Soho Theatre

A disturbing view of an urban landscape scarred by knife crime and an increasingly disaffected youth; a message we ignore at our peril. We can barely turn a page or watch a news bulletin without reference to another young life extinguished in a knife attack. Whatever the cause, whether it be a perceived slight orContinue reading “Review – 4**** Dismissed – Soho Theatre”

Review – 5***** Betty Blue Eyes – Union Theatre

One of the great comedy films of the 80s is transformed as a high stepping musical with great songs and sparkling dialogue. A Private Function was a rare bird in the film world even when it was released in 1984. Financed with British money via George Harrison’s Handmade Films; co-written by the incomparable Alan BennettContinue reading “Review – 5***** Betty Blue Eyes – Union Theatre”

Review – 4**** Only Fools and Horses – Theatre Royal Haymarket

Been down in the dumps lately, feeling a touch of executive stress as a certain Peckham resident might say? Well check this out; a classic TV sitcom gets a new lease of life on stage as a bright and breezy musical. As a proud Londoner I have often railed against the portrayal of Cockneys bothContinue reading “Review – 4**** Only Fools and Horses – Theatre Royal Haymarket”

Review – 4**** The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore – Charing Cross Theatre

A previously hidden gem from one of America’s greatest playwrights crackles with tension and atmosphere. Amongst the pantheon of great American playwrights Tennessee Williams mingles with the very best. So it’s difficult to imagine the creator of a ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ having anything resembling a flop. But that’sContinue reading Review – 4**** The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore – Charing Cross Theatre

Review – 3*** Ghosts on a Wire – Union Theatre

A tale of people meeting the modern world with ghostly spirits providing the inspiration in an inventive new piece of theatre. Electricity is something we used to take for granted; in this current climate it feels something of a precious commodity; even a luxury as economic realities bite into increasingly finite resources. But few wouldContinue reading Review – 3*** Ghosts on a Wire – Union Theatre

Review – 3*** Help! We Are Still Alive – Seven Dials Playhouse

One man, one woman and a reptile called Brian Eno in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Survival of the fittest pulling Darwinian principles in a new direction! Such is the pace of change, I thought the Seven Dials Playhouse was a new theatre that escaped my beady eye. But it is actually the new moniker for theContinue reading Review – 3*** Help! We Are Still Alive – Seven Dials Playhouse

Review – 4****Tasting Notes: Southwark Playhouse

Think of the sitcom ‘Cheers’ set to music; and then imagine we could see inside the minds of weird and wonderful characters that inhabit a wine bar called ‘LJ’s’. The result is this new musical bursting with potential. There is a world of difference between what we think and say. Our deepest thoughts will stayContinue reading “Review – 4****Tasting Notes: Southwark Playhouse”

Review – 4****The Lion: Southwark Playhouse

A Man with five guitars and a microphone weaves a touching story of overriding optimism with a mixture of songs and dialogue. It’s a brave person who stands up in front of a live audience and delivers a performance that is convincing, engaging and above all entertaining. Imagine the degree of difficulty when that personContinue reading “Review – 4****The Lion: Southwark Playhouse”

Review – 4**** To Have and to Hold: The Hope Theatre

A love story for all seasons told with simple charm, and a tribute to the qualities that make us fundamentally decent human beings. Mid-February is marked on every calendar as the most romantic day of the year.  When cupid’s arrow looks for an unwitting target and a match made in heaven becomes a reality. WellContinue reading “Review – 4**** To Have and to Hold: The Hope Theatre”

Review – 4**** West End Musical Celebration: Live at the Palace Theatre

Some of our brightest young performers shine in this well produced greatest hits package. The West End is alive and well! This time last year the first lockdown was in full swing and a great night out seemed a distant dream. But just like the Covid jab this show is a shot in the armContinue reading “Review – 4**** West End Musical Celebration: Live at the Palace Theatre”