Eugenius streaming on Friday 20th March on Facebook benadamsuk @eugeniusuk

With the theatre industry in an unprecedented position and venues closed across the UK due to the COVID – 19 outbreak, industry leaders are creatively seeking ways to support theatre and bring it directly to you – at home. Following their hugely popular run at the Other Palace in 2018, the out-of-this-world British musical Eugenius! will release the full archive footage of the show online on Friday 20th March at 7pm in order to raisemoney for Acting for Others and provide some much-needed relief to those self-isolating.

The writers Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins say “THEY CAN’T STOP US, WE’RE A TEAM!…. as shows close across the globe and people are forced to stay at home, there’s never been a more important time to bring the joy of live theatre right to your doorstep! Unlike some other shows that have recordings intended for release this was never intended to be seen BUT as the cast are incredible, the music rocks and it still delivers the same heart felt story and feel good factor that audiences took away with them when they saw the show live, we thought you should see it anyway!  Team Eugenius thanks you in advance for all your support  – Go Hygienius! Go Hygiene!”

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New Musical comes to St James Theatre, London

It hasn’t been a great time for musicals in the last year or so; Viva Forever, I Can’t Sing, Stephen Ward, From Here to Eternity and Love Never Dies all closing but here comes a new musical for just a few short days to tease your musical taste-buds.

Picture Perfect: A New Musical explores love and relationships using the songs of award winning Scott Evan Davis.

Josh is graduating college and preparing for his future. Always unlucky in love, he ponder whether he will ever find the one for him. Ellie is on her gap year from her law degree and isn’t sure if she is making the right decisions either professionally or personally. Josh’s parents are also at a turning point in their lives as Harry, Josh’s father, begins an affair with a younger woman. Is anything Picture Perfect?

Picture Perfect stars the incredible talents of Charlotte Wakefield. Having just seen her in A  Spoonful of Sherman at St James Theatre,   I can attest that her voice is stunning and I have no doubt that she will be just as good  good in this production too.

She stars alongside many other West End favourites including Helen Robson ( Mama Mia and Sound of Music) and Jerome Pardon (Les Miserables)

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