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#Tweetingit – A story about the memories of an old blind man told through physical theatre, mime, sound and a live score – it’s going to be a tearjerker!

A play presented entirely through physical theatre, mime, sound, illusion and a live score may not be to everybody’s taste, and if I hadn’t already been converted to this style of show by Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Translunar Paradise, I would have my reservations. I was, however, converted to the idea of wordless drama by this show and so am looking forward to Theatre Re’s Blind Man’s Song.

BMS Leader

Inspired by interviews with blind and visually impaired people, a Blind Man’s Song is a tale about one man’s rage against his world of darkness. Composer Alex Judd promises to create a live soundscape; onstage noises being amplified through a microphone to reflect the sensitive hearing of someone who is visually impaired coupled with a live violin and keyboard to combine a rich harmonic score portraying the emotional journey of the characters.

I am already certain that this story of love courage, courage and hope told through the eyes of an old man recalling times gone by, with nothing but the music, physical theatre and my own imagination to fill in the gaps where words would otherwise be, is going to turn me into an emotional wreck; I am looking forward to it.

Review date – 28th April

Running from 27th April – 15th May and then on tour until 28th July

Book tickets at:

@Theatrere @The Pleasance #Blindmanssong

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