Playhouse Pickings’ Upcoming shows – Blind Man’s Song – Pleasance London. @Theatrere @The Pleasance

  #Tweetingit – A story about the memories of an old blind man told through physical theatre, mime, sound and a live score – it’s going to be a tearjerker! A play presented entirely through physical theatre, mime, sound, illusion and a live score may not be to everybody’s taste, and if I hadn’t alreadyContinue reading “Playhouse Pickings’ Upcoming shows – Blind Man’s Song – Pleasance London. @Theatrere @The Pleasance”

Lady Chastity’s Reserve – various venues #ladychastitysreserve

#Tweetingit – 5 friends, one locked room. The prize for escaping, a bottle of aphrodisiac wine – what could go wrong? Escape rooms are a big thing at the moment, I’ve seen them in myriad different themes: Nuclear holocaust, Zombie survival, Fallout-esq communist invasion, but the main thrust remains the same, get some friends, lockContinue reading “Lady Chastity’s Reserve – various venues #ladychastitysreserve”

Playhouse Pickings’ Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club @william_kimber

Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club  #Tweetingit – A 1920s immersive evening? Will I get out alive or end up a ganster’s moll? I’ll don my flapper dress & head to The Tick Tack Club to find out The Roaring Twenties were cool, there’s no two ways about it. It was the decade thatContinue reading “Playhouse Pickings’ Upcoming shows – The Tick Tack Club @william_kimber”

Wasted – November 2013

Marlowe Theatre Studio – Canterbury Writer: Kate Tempest Originally posted: #Tweetingit – my verdict in 140 characters 4* – Kate Tempest is an incredible poet and writer. A poignant look at our relationship with alcohol and wasted opportunities “A play by the UK’s most exciting performance poet and rapper.” This may not sound likeContinue reading “Wasted – November 2013”

A Spoonful of Sherman – April 2014

St James’ Theatre Studio Originally Posted: #Tweeting it – My Verdict in 140 characters 4* This will take you back to your childhood – whatever age you are now. I defy anyone not to have a smile on their face during this show. The Sherman Brothers are two of the most famous songwriters inContinue reading “A Spoonful of Sherman – April 2014”

Translunar Paradise – November 2013

The Marlowe Studio, Canterbury Writer/Director: Music: Kim Heron Originally posted #Tweetingit – My Verdict in 140 characters 5* Beyond stunning – there are no other words for this show. The audience leave the theatre in silence. The women wipe away the mascara and try to blot their red eyes while the men puff outContinue reading “Translunar Paradise – November 2013”

Finding Joy Review – March 2014

The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury  Music and Sound Editor: Janie Armour Writer and Director: Rachel Savage Originally Posted: #Tweetingit – My verdict in 140 Characters: 5* An emotive, stunning piece created and performed by an extremely talented writer and cast. Dialogue-less mask work at its best. A fully masked play with no dialogue about dementia?Continue reading “Finding Joy Review – March 2014”