Review: 4**** Flashdance @IpswichRegent @joanneclifton @benadamsuk @FlashdanceUK #WHATAFEELING

#whatafeeling! This show has so much energy. Buy yourself tickets now, they are still some available at Ipswich Regent Theatre until Saturday.

Based on the 1983 film of the same name, Flashdance tells an inspiring story of Alex, a young welder by day and club dancer by night. She dreams of going to Shipley Dance Academy and becoming a professional dancer, but finding and losing love impact her decisions.unnamed (2).jpg

Strictly Come Dancing champion Joanne Clifton showcased all her talents and proved she is a triple threat performer. The iconic water scene and audition were spot on.

Former A1 boy-band member Ben Adams brilliantly played charming and rich Nick Hurley. Adams and Clifton were well matched and delivered strong, yet romantic duets.

Without detailing how great each cast member was, because they were. I would like to mention Colin Kiyani who played Jimmy. One of the smaller roles, but there was something about his ease when performing and stagey sounding voice that makes me think we will see more from him in the future.

Featuring ManiacI Love Rock and Roll, Manhunt and title track Flashdance – What A Feeling, the soundtrack was catchy and exciting – it was hard not to get carried away. However, occasionally there was a lack of articulation and the lyrics were lost. The use of song Gloria was really good, not only suiting the time and character name, but it added to Gloria’s story.

Staircases were a great way to create both of Alex’s workplaces; industrial steel factory and gentleman’s club. Contrasting softer and more emotive scenes were created with lighting effects and swing doors and projections. Flashdance-Review-UK-Tour.pngUnfortunately, technology failed and the projections were of a computer error instead of ballet dancers.

A minor point for some, but I was distracted throughout by a sloppy costume/wardrobe error; having bra straps and backs on show looked unprofessional (especially when, as an amateur, I was always being told to hide these away).

Overall Flashdance is a vibrant and fast-paced production that carries home you should always hold on to your dreams and dance like you’ve never danced before.

Running at Ipswich Theatre until 28th April


And then touring until 20th October around the country

For information on the tour go to

Director – Hannah Chissick

Choreographer – Matthew Cole

Designer – Takis

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