Review: 4**** A Comedy About a Bank Robbery. Norwich Theatre Royal @BankRobberyPlay ‏@TheatreRNorwich @mischiefcomedy

Comedy is often associated with Norwich theatres, but more for its stand-up comedians at Norwich Playhouse, but this week is all about the comedy-drama at Norwich’s Theatre Royal. download (2)Following the huge success of The Play That Goes Wrong, Mischief Theatre brings their latest hit, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery to Norwich as part of its UK tour.

When a priceless diamond is entrusted to the city bank (we’ll use that term loosely) and in a town where most people seem to be crooks, will it stay safe? With mistaken identities, love affairs and revelations it seems nobody can be trusted and everyone has an ulterior motive.

The script is witty and well-written, while the actors execute superb characterisation with slick slapstick humour. Play on words is used superbly and everything is timed to perfection.

Eddy Westbury portrayed the smooth bad-boy criminal Mitch Ruscitti with ease and finesse and balanced well with the sass of swindler Caprice Freeboys, played by Julia Frith.  'The Comedy About a Bank Robbery' Play performed at the Critereon Theatre, London, UKGeorge Hannigan gave fantastic performances as ‘everyone else” and his triple character scene was performed with so much energy and precision, and finally I really enjoyed Ashley Tucker‘s performance as Ruth Monaghan – her impressive vocals gave the play another dimension, however it wasn’t always clear what connection the singing had to the play.

The stage and sets were very well put together, a great use of lighting and ropes took the robbery scene to resemble Ocean’s 11 or Mission Impossible, while a vertical scene captured the talented imagination of the production team and writers.

With the exception of some random scenes involving moustaches and generations of women, the show delivered some hilarious scenes and some typical Carry On moments. Overall The Comedy About A Bank Robbery created fast and funny comedy that just kept coming.

Catch the mischief and mayhem in Norwich until Saturday, October 21st or on their UK until Summer 2019.

Written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields

Directed by Mark Bell with Mischief Theatre

Tour directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward

Review by Dawn Maidstone – 

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