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Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition certainly lives up to its name. An innovative and fully immersive dining experience that is quirky, action packed and offers something for everyone.

Set slightly off the beaten track (but still on the Victoria Line) the location remains a secret until late in the day, retaining an element of the unknown right up until the last minute. Once inside the venue, you would never have known you were actually inside a warehouse as it was a fantastic use of the space. Every inch of it was decorated in keeping with the aeronautical theme and the action took place from the moment we stepped through the door! Seated in clusters on tables designed to imitate hot air balloons, the edible journey begins with an animation projected onto an impressive 360° screen that surrounds you. Instantly you find yourself amongst the clouds and a natural conversation starter between fellow diners opens up as you anticipate where the first destination will be. This is continued for all five courses and never disappoints.

As you ‘arrive’ at each destination, a new form of entertainment starts appropriate to that country. The food follows along this same theme and is impressive, inspiring and delicious. Living up to the words in Gingerline’s press release, the food really does take you on a journey and definitely does not disappoint. Part of what makes The Grand Expedition so unique is their imaginative way of combining ‘interactive set design with gastronomic story telling’.  Throughout the evening, audience participation is encouraged and frequently taken up, possibly helped along by the free flowing alcohol. This culinary journey caters for absolutely everyone’s needs and nothing is too much trouble.

The whole evening was very impressive and fabulously choreographed. The characters were in role for the entirety and the plain dressed waiters (one dedicated to each table) were just that; dedicated. They were polite and friendly and extremely attentive. The whole event lasted about 3 hours (from the moment the host on the door starts to take your name to the moment the waiters take their bow). 

My only 2 criticisms would be, as a non-drinker we were limited to two free drinks for the evening, which seemed disproportionate compared with the alcohol provided on the table for the other diners. Alongside this, the culinary experience didn’t start until 8pm, which meant we were eating the main meal quite late (served at approximately 9:40pm). Although this could be put down to personal preference, it could easily be rectified by a slightly earlier start time.

That said, for those looking for a one-off immersive dining experience, this really does tick all the boxes.

Grand Expeditions currently booking until 25 May at a secret location on the Victoria Line

7pm – 11pm, Tuesday to Saturday.
Suitable for 18+ only.

Saturday Matinee, 12pm to 4pm
Suitable for 12+.

For tickets go to the website

Tickets £60 – £75Per Person + Booking Fee


With your ticket, you’ll receive a welcome drink on arrival, a 5 course set menu designed by Gingerline’s Flavourology and a 180 minute multi-media experience including elaborate set design, dance, story-telling, interactivity and immersive performance. 

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